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Always Focused On Fun

Always Focused
On Fun

The pool is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. We pride ourselves in offering a safe, family friendly environment. It holds 100,000 gallons and is ‘Z’ shaped. Depth ranges from 2 Feet to 8 Feet.

There is a large deck area for sunbathing, plenty of lounge chairs are available. Vending machines and a bathhouse are on site. A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times. For the safety of our members, we have installed double drains in the place of our single drain, as well as, anti-entanglement drain covers. Lifeguards offer swimming lessons upon request.

A limited number of summer pool memberships are available. The rate per membership is $500. This does not include any golfing privileges.

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Melissa Cahoon

Pool Manager

Loagen Wilson


Sutton Malone


David Phillippe


Marshall Malone

General Manager

Angie Malone

Pool Manager
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• Please do not come to the pool if anyone in your family is exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus.

• Bring your toys from home and make sure you take them home with you. We will NOT keep toys that have been left behind. We will not have any toys that can be shared except the basketball which will be cleaned daily.

• To practice social-distancing, we have spaced the chairs in groups of 2’s and 3’s. Please DO NOT move them! The groupings are placed 6 feet apart!

• We will have a table beneath the 911 phone with spray bottles containing plant based solution which kills the virus. When you are cleaning up your area after your visit, please spray the chair or table. Do not wipe it dry. Let it air dry. Therefore, your chair or table will be sanitized for the next person.

• The lifeguards will wash down the deck, sanitize the gate latch, garbage can lids and clean the bathrooms daily. The chlorine level in the water kills the virus.
The guards will vacuum the pool and check chemicals all throughout the day as usual.

• According to Environmental Health, we are still restricted as to how many are in the pool at one time. Therefore, we are not allowing visitors on holidays or weekends until after July 4th.

We will allow visitors during the weekdays-Monday through Friday. After July 4th, visitors are allowed any day of the week.

GOOD NEWS, we will not be asking you to sign up for weekend pool times. You may come and go as you please.


• POOL is opening as usual on Memorial Day Saturday and close on Labor Day Monday. We will close the week school starts back in August and be open for weekends until the season is over.

• THE GUARDS are expected to sit on the lifeguard stand, not have a cell phone on the stand, enforce the rules, take a 10 minute pool check at 10 minutes before each hour, and only leave the stand in case of an emergency. In case of an emergency, the pool would be cleared. Members, guests and friends of the guard are not to visit or distract the guard on the stand.

• PARENTS are responsible for the actions and behavior of their children. The rules are: no running, pushing from the deck, horseplay, profanity and diving from the side of pool. The pool is only 8’ deep. The 2’ area is for younger children. During pool check, children are not allowed in the pool or to sit on the side of the pool. Children are expected to listen to and respect the guard.

• CONSEQUENCES for not following the rules are as follows:
1. A warning by the guard.
2. Have the child sit out for 10 minutes.
3. Call the parents to come to the pool.
4. If a child repeatedly breaks the rules, day after day, the child can be suspended. 5. No food or drink in the water or on the side of the pool.
• CHILDREN may be left at the pool if they are 10 years old. The child must be able to swim the length of the pool for the guard and emergency phone numbers must be in our SIGN IN book.

• BIRTHDAY PARTIES are permitted. NO ALCOHOL allowed. Guests must remain in the pool area only. Hours are from 6:00-8:00. You may have no more than 25 swimmers including adults. You pay the lifeguard $50. At 7:45, the lifeguard will blow the whistle. Your guests are to leave immediately. You are to assist the guard with clean up, as well as, taking your trash to the dumpster. When you leave, the guard still has closing duties to attend to. Call Angie Malone to book a party.

• THE SIGN IN BOOK is on the table as you walk in the gate. EVERYONE is expected to sign in. Make sure your children know to sign in as well. Put the name of your guest next to your name. We believe in the honor system. It cost $5 per guest not per family. There is a place to put your money in the front of the book.

• MORE ABOUT GUESTS- The guest policy is to accommodate our members so they may bring house guests and friends to the pool. It is not the intent of the guest policy for a member to bring the same guest on a daily basis, day after day. Non-members may not come to the pool and pay the guest fee unless, the member who invited them is present. We are limiting the number of times a guest may come to 5 times a season.

• THE GRANDPARENT PRIVILEGE is still in effect. If your grandchildren come to visit you or you babysit them, you may bring them to the pool without paying a guest fee.
Your grown children do have to pay the fee.

• SWIM LESSONS will be offered by the guards. Lessons are $15 per hour. They are from 10:00-11:00 or 5:00-6:00 Monday through Thursday. Call or text Melissa Cahoon to sign up.