Golf Cart Policy

New Member Guidelines

1. Cart fee will be $15
2. Ride 2 to a cart
3. If you choose to ride alone, it will cost$5 more
4. Those in the Super Senior Group, who are 80+ or have serious health issues, may ride 1 to a cart until Covid guidelines are lifted

Reason for new policy:

1. Availabilty of carts for next group
2. Wear and tear on carts
3. Uses twice as much gas
4. More maintenance

New guest policy

1. Must ride 2 to a cart. NO Exceptions
2. Tuesday and Thursday golf is $30
This covers the increase in cart fee
This is for 18 holes only
3. On Sundays, guests may not tee off between 11am and 1pm
This time is reserved for members and to insure that carts are available for our members
4. Weekend green fee plus cart is $43
5. Monday, Wednesday and Friday green fee plus cart is $35

Ranger will be monitoring activity on course